Attraktions of Niechorze

Niechorze is a beautiful seaside village, which is a mine of attractions for tourists. The most famous attraction is standing next to us Lighthouse, allowing the day to watch the beautiful panorama of Niechorze at night and shines through colored LED illumination systems. Another very close attraction is the Miniature Lighthouse Polish coast. Before the lantern is also a Butterfly where you can see a lot of beautiful butterflies from almost all over the world. In addition, in front of the lighthouse are two more interesting places are the Wax Figures and an exhibition of Lego blocks. Interestingly on the south side of our property is a gate behind which literally a few steps away you will find the next surprise - Narrow-Gauge Railway Station Seaside thanks the whole family can explore the neighboring village. It would seem that that's all - but this is not true in Niechorzu will find lots of information on small-scale fisheries in the Museum of Amber Street. Street Forest in Niechorze is a rope park for children. I literally on the same street you will find a great sports complex with soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball or beach volleyball with sea sand.
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