Bunk houses in Niechorze

Holiday Homes Niechorze the Camping Pomona - We offer a brand new storey wooden houses, which are also known as holiday homes in Niechorze with a higher standard and twin wooden houses bungalows which make our visitors their vacation come truth.

Wood storey houses are made of wood, decorated in bright, neutral colors. You can relax there and gather strength for new challenges. Our modern houses are equipped with a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchenette.

Holiday homes offer a possibility for a comfortable vacation for parents with children. On the ground floor there is a living room with a bathroom and kitchen, while the upper floor has two bedrooms and another bathroom.

With this solution you don't need to come down in the night to the bathroom on the ground floor.

In each house, our guests have at their disposal:

STOREY WOODEN HOUSES (modern and luxurious)


- Living room (about 13.8 sqm)
- Kitchenette (about 3.2 sqm) with gas stove, fridge with freezer, dishes, pots
- everything you need to prepare a lunch or dinner
- Bath (about 3.2 sqm) with shower


On the first floor there are two bedrooms
- Master bedroom with a double bed with bathroom
- Bedroom for kids with three beds

Houses have also a large covered terrace (10 sqm) with furniture that invites you to comfortable relaxation.

And all surrounded by greenery.

Price 320 PLN / night for 5 people. Every sixth and seventh person - 60 PLN / person.

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